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Created To Love is a MOVEMENT where we are encouraging women to live a life that is fulfilling by choosing to love others unconditionally. We need to love authentically and intentionally as daughters, wives, mothers, colleagues, co-workers, etc.  Each of us has “hard–to-love” people in our lives. Sometimes they are those nearest and dearest to us! Created To Love Movement helps women to understand the essence of genuine love and fully accept Jesus’ love for us. We believe that women who understand what love is truly about can actively impact and change the world in which we live.


We hope that the workshop sessions will kindle the minds of women, touch their hearts and refresh their spirits with the light and  the life  that a loving Savior abundantly supplies. The sessions will further allow women to accept the love of Jesus and learn how to extend His love to those people in their life who aren’t always easy to love.

Our mission is to:

  • Help daughters discover their purpose through embracing that they are loved, valued and accepted by Jesus Christ.

  • Help daughters know and understand that they must be infused with God’s presence, motivated  by love, and sustained through relationship.

  • Through salvation, deliverance and healing daughters will be free to live out their God ordain purpose for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Pictured from left to right: (seated) Cindella Attucks, J. Michelle Ransom, Reulita Marsh; (standing) Renea Jones, Lourdes Victor, Roslyn Long, Tomomi Tsunafuji, Gwen Perkins, Cindy Jones, Alesa Barron; (not pictured) Wilhemenia Ferdinand, Shatakia Niles, Lillian Pryor 

Created To Love Movement is a core group of 15 women from an array of backgrounds-entrepreneurs, educators, accountants, nurses, homemakers, etc.-who believe relentlessly in the vision and mission of Created To Love. Each woman has a specific area that they are responsible in assuring that all the pieces of the puzzle fit collectively together. We have a heart and love for our Creator and believe that we must be humble and submit to His word, His will and His way.

We believe this MOVEMENT will continue for many generations to come and serve as a legacy to our communities.  Our goal is to duplicate this empowering and impactful Movement twice a year and in 2019, we will take the Movement to another state.


JMichelle Ransom and the Created to Love Movement have blessed me tremendously! She encouraged me to strengthen my relationships with God by reading and studying scriptures a few minutes daily which has decreased my anxiety. She calls to check on me to make sure I'm ok. That means a lot. She's graceful, poised, confident, peaceful, kind, and loving. A wonderful role model. Michelle Ransom and the Created to Love Movement have blessed me tremendously!"

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