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Created To Love Small Group Lesson - March 22, 2018

The goals in this lesson . . .

  • To recognize how the love of Jesus reaches out to accept you, even with your faults and weaknesses. You will be encouraged to fully receive His accepting love for you.

  • To learn practical ways to overcome a negative focus and build accepting love into your relationships.

In John 13:34-35, how did Jesus command His disciples to love?

What would be the result of that kind of love?

Why do you think Jesus called this a new commandment, as Leviticus 19:18 also commands, “love your neighbor as yourself”?

According to Romans 5:8, how is the love of God demonstrated?

What phrase implies that Jesus’ love is accepting?

How is God described in Ephesians 2:4-9?

In Luke 15:25-32, how did the older brother react to his brother’s return?

According to Romans 14:13-23, what attitudes do we need to demonstrate toward persons whose actions are different from ours (see verse 13)?

How does verse 15 relate to the instructions of the second part of verse 13?

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