Created To Love Blog: CREATED TO PRAY, Pray at All Times

June 6, 2018


Create To Love  Small Group for May was different. I initially wanted to cancel the meeting, but God placed on my heart to gather the women together and pray.  I followed his instructions, and as you may know, God’s plan is always a success.  As the Created To Love Small Group gathered to pray, the Holy Spirit was in the midst of us, and He used our tears to wash us from the cares of the world.


Ephesians 6:18-19 says, “Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Stay alert and e persist end in your prayers for all Christians everywhere. And pray for me, too.”  Pray at all times. Who can do this? How can we do it when surrounded by the cares of daily life? How can a mother love her child at all times? I can breathe and feel and hear at all times because all of these are the functions of a healthy, natural life, If our spiritual life is healthy, under the power of the Holy Spirit, praying at all times will come naturally.


Pray at all times.  Does it refer to continual acts of prayer, in which we are to persevere until we receive an answer, or to the spirit of prayerfulness that should animate us all day? It includes both.  Jesus gives us an example of this.  We must spend special times in prayer, privately and corporately. We are also to walk all day in God’s presence with our focus on heavenly things. We have to be mindful of what we allow our eyes to see and our ears to hear because exposing ourselves to things that do not honor God impacts our relationship with God and our prayer times will be dull.


Do you have a journal? If not, purchase one. Choose a journal that is your favorite color or one that you like.  Choose an easy writing pen; one that flows with you and you enjoy using.  As you pray, you can write down your prayers in your journal or write down what the Holy Spirit speaks to you pertaining any given situation.  Also, allow time to meditate on the word of God.  By journaling, you can see your growth, and this helps you to appreciate your life. Sometimes we feel that we should be farther along than we do not realize how far we have come. Must you journal every single day? No. When you do, it is the right time because God’s timing is perfect!


PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!  1 Thessalonians 5:17


P. S. Stay tuned for information on our Created To Love Dinner Club.  We will dine together once a month in our finest of fine clothing and choose a restaurant that we will have a lasting experience.



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