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Created To Love Blog/Lesson - March 8, 2018

Greetings My Beautiful Sisters!

My apologies for the delay in the lesson (found at the end of the blog). Wayne has that flu thing and I am trying to heal from a strained ankle, but to God only be the glory!


I am thankful for what God is doing in the supernatural. We don't always understand what He is doing but we trust that it is always for our greater good, no matter what! The Created To Love Small Group met again last Thursday. It was a time of renewal and refreshing as the Holy Spirit showed us in the word about choices in life and choices in love. We learned how we are to love the unlovable and how we are to love those who spitefully use us. This can never be done in and of ourselves. We must submit to the power of the Holy Spirit. We must choose to yield ourselves to Him. We must yield our flesh. We must let God do His perfect work in us. It is He that will remove any wounds, hurts, anger, unforgiveness and strife. It is He that gives us the power to love the way that Jesus does. Proverbs 25:21-22 says to be kind to your enemies. If they are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. It is like heaping hot coals upon their heads. Basically, the word is not saying to be in the mindset to bring harm or think of the person in a harmful way. No, the word is saying by being kind to your enemy, this will convict their hearts and make them ask the question, "Why am I treating them this way? What have they done to me? They have only been kind to me. They have only encouraged me. They have only supported me. They have only given to me. If the Holy Spirit is operable in their hearts, then they will repent and turn from how they are reacting toward you and choose to love you the way that you love them.

Just remember to embrace the challenges of life and ask the Holy Spirit for the lesson(s) in it all.

THE POWER OF LOVE (Lesson Focus for January 22)

Things to remember about the Power of Love 1. Love is an incredible power 2. God is your ultimate source of love, and His power will enable you to love when you simply cannot love through you own strength.

As you study the scriptures attached to this lesson, ask the Holy Spirit to speak specifically to you as you read the word of God. Be sure to journal anything that He brings to your remembrance or spirit that relates to the scripture(s).

1. Read Colossians 2:2-3. What was Paul’s two-fold intention for ministry to these people?

2. What did he hope would be the result of the encouragement and unity?

3. What result of love is found in Colossians 3:14?

4. What role do you think love plays in uniting people? Why?

Love is God’s most powerful force for unifying His people. His love enables us to accept others, including their faults. This unconditional acceptance is essential to unity. What result of love is mentioned in John 13:34-35? Why do you think this result occurs?

5. What is the result in the world when Christians choose not to love each other?

Without Jesus’ love, none of us has the capacity to love the unlovable or love those who have hurt us. When we reach out in love to hard-to-love people, the world will recognize that we are different. This difference will identify us as belonging to Jesus, because we are following his example of love. In John 17:20-23, which phrase indicates that you are included in Jesus’ prayer?

6. Why does love for each other have such an impact upon unbelievers?

Love is one of God’s most powerful magnets to draw us to Himself. People desperately want and need to love and to be loved. When people of the world see Jesus’ love and acceptance among believers, they will be drawn to Him. Our love for each other is proof to the world that Jesus came and that He loves ALL of us. Trying to shame or condemn people into a right relationship with God usually drives them further away. Honest, caring love, as demonstrated through the life of Jesus, is God’s power to draw people to Himself.

7. What tragic result of division is described in Luke 11:17? How does this apply to a home, to a fellowship?

When we perform actions of love, one result is a sense of assurance that we belong to God. Sometimes our hearts condemn us and make us feel guilty even when God hasn’t condemned us. Revelation 12:10 tells us that Satan is the accuser of Christians, and he delights in a guilt-ridden, defeated child of God. One way in which we can receive peace and assurance of salvation is through actions of love toward others.

8. What is promised in 1 John 3:21-24? What commands must we obey to receive these promises?

9. How does love or lack of love affect one’s prayer life?

Take a few minutes to reflect on your prayer life. In your journal, describe how these verses apply to you and to your prayer life. List any changes you need to make before you can have power in prayer. Write a prayer asking God to help you make those changes.

Blessings and Peace always . . .

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